Library Services

The Faculty operates a Veterinary library that is located at the New Vet Complex. The library houses books and materials that relate mainly to the veterinary profession and training. The Central University Library, the John Harris Library, also stocks general books, veterinary books, journals and internet facilities all of which are also freely available and accessible to veterinary students and staff.

Veterinary Teaching and Research Farm

Our veterinary Teaching and Research Farm serves as the base for on-farm training of our students (undergraduates and postgraduates) in Animal management, Animal Health Problems in relation to Animal Production, Clinical Medicine, Obstetrics, Reproductive Diseases as well as Meat Inspection, Slaughter and Processing. Our students from the 2nd to the 6th year make daily use of the Farm and Clinicians are posted to the Farm on daily basis. The Veterinary Teaching and Research Farm is stocked with a variety of animal species including poultry (broilers, layers, brood and sell); pigs (sows, boars, growers, piglets); cattle (bulls, cows, calves: Muturu and White Fulani breeds); sheep and goats (West African Dwarf (WAD); donkeys and horses.