Course Code               Course Description                                                  Credit Units

VBC 211:                   Veterinary Biochemistry I                                                               3

Introduction to biochemistry: biochemistry of

carbohydrates, proteins,enzymes and co-enzymes.

VBC 221:                   Veterinary Biochemistry II                                                              3

Biochemistry of lipids: Introduction to molecular

biology: Nutritional biochemistry in animals.

VBC 311:                   Veterinary Biochemistry III                                                            3

Ruminant biochemistry, Tissue Biochemistry.

Biochemistry of disease and ageing of animals.


Course Code               Course Description                                                                Credit Units

VPY 211:                     Physiology                                                                                     3

Constituents and function of blood. The structure,

production, function and degradation of blood cells.

Anaemias, blood coagulation, plasma proteins and blood

volume measurements. Cardiovascular physiology:

structure and functions of the heart. The dynamics

of blood and lymph flow. Blood pressure and heart

rate regulation. Circulation of blood through special

organs e.g. lungs, heart, brain, liver and kidney.

Respiratory physiology: Mechanism of

respiration and gaseous exchange in the lungs.

Regulation of respiration and respiratory buffers.

VPY 212:                    Physiology  of  the Cell, Renals and Homeostasis                  3

The roles of the kidney in homeostasis. The Nephron

Glomerular filtration and tubular functions. Water, electrolyte and

acid base balance. Antidiuretic hormone and diuretics. Micturition.

VPY 221                     Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology                         3

Endocrine organs: function and regulation of endocrine

secretions. Reproductive physiology: Hormones of

reproduction in Males and females. Comparative

reproductive physiology, oestrus cycle, fertilization,

pregnancy, parturition, lactation.

VPY 222                     Special Senses Neuromuscular Physiology)                             3

Impulse propagation and conduction. Central and autonomic

nervous systems, muscles and bones. Reflex mechanism and

types. Neurotransmitters. Motor functions, ascending and

descending fibre tracts in the spinal cord the brain.

Physiology of the special senses: olfaction, taste, hearing

and vision. The integument.

VPY 311:                     Environmental and Gastrointestinal Physiology                   3

 Digestion in monogastric animals, prehension,

mastication and swallowing. Saliva production and

function. Gastric juiuce procuction, digestion and

absorption of food. Digestion in the ruminant

stomach. Intestinal motility. Hormones of the gut.  Physiological

response to heat and cold. Temperature  regulation: body

temperature. High and low pressure physiology.

VPY 312                     Avian Physiology                                                                        1

Avian digestion.  Avian reproduction.