Course Code               Course Description                                               Credit Units

VPH 322:                   Animal Welfare                                                                                 2

Definition of animal welfare. Legal and Regulatory

framework for animal welfare including right to kill.

Animal population dynamics in relation to animal

welfare (shelter, nutCition and living environment).

Humane transportation, killing, disposal and harvesting.

Care of animals during disasters. Animal freedom and

behavior (freedom from pam, injury and disease, fear,

Stress and discomfort, freedom to express normal

behavior). Principles of animal care and ethics of use

(International standards and best practices in research

and training).

Practicum Session:

Cases and scenarios building in the handling

and monitoring of stress and pain in different

species of animals.

VPH 422:                   Biostatistics                                                                                        2

Data types: Classification and tabulation of data.

Descriptive and inferential statistics. Sampling

methods, rates, ratios mean, median and mode.

Standard deviations and variance. Chi-square and

Student t-test. Parametric and non-parametric analysis.

Uses of statistics in Veterinary practice and research.

VPH 511:                   Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine                                         3

Definitions, History, scope and uses of epidemiology

in Veterinary practice. Descriptive analytic and experimental

phases, biomedical and mathematical approaches. Disease

monitoring, surveillance and reporting. Herd health and

management. Epidemiological studies e.g. prospective,

retrospective and cohort. Diseases in populations. Mass

action against diseases: chemo-prophylaxis, seroprophylaxis,

and Immunization.

VPH 522:                   Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence                                           1

Legislation regulating Veterinary practice, legal

and professional responsibilities of Veterinary

Surgeons in the control of animal movement, animal

importation and exportation. Control of animal

diseases, meat inspection, animal husbandry,

fish and wildlife. Laws on the control of Veterinary

drugs and Biofogics. Organization of Veterinary

services in Nigeria.

VPH 524:                   Food Hygiene                                                                                    2

Principles of meat hygiene. Biological and chemical bases

of meat hygiene. Ante-mortem and post-mortem roc.curs.

Slaughter facilities in Nigeria. 3asic construction and

principles of a functional abattoir. Potable water. Water,

meat and milk-borne diseases. Meat preservation: Drying,

Smoking, Freezing and Canning. Food microflora and spoilage;

Food poisoning (from beef, pork, poultry, fish and shellfish).

Control of vermins in the abattoir. Effluent and disposal.

Detection of drug residues in milk and meat. Milk and milk

products, Inspection and laboratory examination for milk


VPH 526:                   Veterinary Econometrics                                                                 2

Basic micro and macro economic concepts. Veterinary of

Public health schemes. Demand and supply of Veterinary

services. Economics of livestock production. Economics of

operating a Veterinary enterprise. Benefit-cost analysis.

Business organizations, administration and promotion.

Business management. Project appraisal and writing of

feasibility reports.

VPH 528:                   Zoonoses                                                                                             2

Concepts, definitions and classification of zoonoses.

Studies of bacterial, viral, parasitic, rickettsial,

protozoal and fungal zoonoses. Public health

significance of rodents, birds, flies and mosquitoes.

Emerging zoonoses. Environmental pollution and control. Basic

concepts of one health.

VPH 520:                   Veterinary Extension                                                                         1

Concepts of Veterinary and livestock

production extension: Veterinary extension

promotion and delivery. Rural sociology and

rural health education.

VPH 615:                   Computer Application in Veterinary Medicine                             2

History of computers. Hardware and softwares
Components. Operating and application softwares.
Features and uses of word processing spread sheet,
power point packages. Database management
reporting systems. Application of computers
in Veterinary practice.