Course Code Course Description Credit Units
VPT 322: General Pathology 3
General principles of veterinary pathology: CeB injury,
inflammation, degeneration necrosis, disturbances
of growth and neoplasia, circulatory disturbances and
general immune Pathology.

VPT 411: Systemic Veterinary Pathology I 3
Pathology of the alimentary, respiratory and
cardiovascular systems. Skin and special senses.
Postmortem diagnostic procedures.

VPT 413: Systemic Veterinary Pathology II 3
Pathology of the Nervous, Haematopoetic, Urinary,
Genital, Endocrine and musculoskeletal systems.
Postmortem diagnostic procedures.

VPT 415: Avian and Fish Pathology 3
Systemic and special pathology of the avian and fish.
Gross and microscopic pathology of infectious and
non-infectious diseases. Post-mortem diagnostic

VPT 422: Pathology of Tropical Diseases 2
Pathology of animal diseases that are of importance
in the environment (Tropics) environment.

VPT 511: Veterinary Clinical Pathology 3
Clinical haematology, clinical biochemistry and
exfoliative cytology.