Course Code               Course Description                                                Credit Unit

VAN 211:                  Micro Anatomy I                                                                                3

Histology of the muscular, connective tissues, embryonic development of the mammal.

VAN 212                    Gross Anatomy I                                                                                  3

Basic gross anatomy of the animal body, the skeletal system, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory and lymphatic systems of a type animal. Comparative anatomy of internal organs.


VAN 223                    Micro Anatomy II                                                                                3

Introduction to microscopy and microscopic techniques- the cell, the                                  epithelial tissue, glandular tissue, the connective tissue, the muscular                                  tissue, the nervous tissue. Systemic histology. Microscopic study of the                                   organ systems of the body of domestic animals. Comparative histology:                                 The comparative histology of the organ systems of domestic animals.

VAN 224                    Gross Anatomy II                                                                                3

Definition and terms. Anatomic variation. General osteology,                                                         musculoskeletal systems of domestic animals.

VAN 316:                   Veterinary Embryology                                                                     3

Normal development of mammalian and avian organ systems. Cell/                                                radiation biology. Ultrastructure and functions of cellular components and                                     their relationshipto energy transport, movement and growth.

VAN 317:                   Comparative Gross Anatomy                                                            3

General and Comparative studies of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory  systems of domestic animals. General and comparative studies of the nervous, urogenital, endocrine, sense organs and integument of the domestic animals.

VAN 511:                   Veterinary Clinical Anatomy                                                          2

Topographical consideration of structures of domestic

animals often involved in surgery and veterinary practices.

Application of radiography and ultrasonography in the

study of normal organs especially bone in domestic animals.